This is how the objects in the palace complex looked like before the implementation of the project:  

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A long, long time ago….

A map of 1801 and historical drawings showing the palace in Gardzienice in the first and second half of the 19th century.



And quite recently….

 The Palace

The Palace in Gardzienice before its handover to the Centre for Theatre Practices „Gardzienice” – at the end of 2007. Phot. by J. Holcgreber


The Granary

The Granary in Gardzienice before its reconstruction (2010). Phot. by J. Holcgreber


The Northern Outbuilding


The Northern (Small) Outbuilding before its renovation (2011). Phot. by J. Holcgreber


A Shed – the later Hall of Rehearsals and Gatherings


A shed from the time of Gardzienice Productive Cooperative – in 2007.  Phot. by G. Podbiegłowski