Renovation and restoring the residential function of the palace around 1880:


Pałac w Gardzienicach w ryc. A. Lerue

A picture of the palace in the second half of the 19th century


Works initiated by August Iwański around 1880 led to the restoration of the original function of the palace as a residence.


It was in this period that the main entrance hall was divided by a two-arcade wall, new stairs leading to the first floor and a new staircase in the southern wing were created as well as a new narrow corridor in the ground floor and in the first floor.


A northern annex, known from 19-th century drawings, was demolished at that time. The facades were kept unchanged, with renovated details.


Such was the shape of the palace until 1950s.


After World War II the palace was nationalized along with the entire property of the Rzewuski family. Then, in the 1960s, the building was adapted for the needs of a people’s university: new installations (water, electricity, heating) were made, the ceiling of the ballroom was changed, some rooms were adapted for new functions, the roof was covered with steel plate and the facades were repainted.



The Palace in the early 1990s. Phot. Centre for Theatre Practices „Gardzienice” archives.


Based on: Pałac w Gardzienicach. Badania architektoniczne – faza I [Gardzienice palace. Architectural research. Phase 1], by M. Brykowska et al., Cracow 2009.