The Palace in the fourth quarter of the 17th century and in the early 18th century:


The early 16th century structure was destroyed in 1648 and 1656. Its reconstruction was begun by Wacław Hulewicz in1670s and continued by Stefan Stanisław Czarniecki. In this period two new wings were planned – the southern and northern ones. However, only one – the South – was actually built.


In the second phase of the reconstruction, probably in the early 18th century, the programme of a Baroque palace was put in place: with the main entrance hall from the East, a monumental staircase leading to the first floor where there was a big ball room and living rooms.


The plan of the palace of that epoch as well as details of the facades show resemblance to the architecture of Tylman van Gameren, including Gnińskis’ palace in Warsaw (1682).


The interior of the palace of that period is not known. In its surroundings two outbuildings were built: a bigger one to the South and a smaller one to the North, as well as the park, which was then to the East of the palace.


A 17th-century tile discovered during archaeological excavations conducted by Ł. Rejniewicz in 2010. Phot .by W. Goleman.


Based on: Pałac w Gardzienicach. Badania architektoniczne – faza I [Gardzienice palace. Architectural research. Phase 1], by M. Brykowska et al., Cracow 2009.