The 16th and the first half of the 17th century:


The main structure, with two limestone towers, was built in the late 15th century or in the early 16th century.


Major enhancements were completed in the 1610s by one of the three historically confirmed owners of Gardzienice in this period: Stanisław Orzechowski, Krzysztof Spinka or Stefan Snopkowski.


The building was symmetrical and was divided into three parts, the central one being the biggest and the widest. The width of the northern wing can be seen today by the preserved northern facade with late Renaissance ornaments. Remnants of the western wall of the main part of the 16th-century structure were found during excavations in 2009.


The building with two earlier towers formed a castle which was mentioned in historical sources in 1623.


A 16th century tile discovered during archaeological excavations conducted by Ł. Rejniewicz in 2010. Phot .by W. Goleman


Based on: Pałac w Gardzienicach. Badania architektoniczne – faza I [Gardzienice palace. Architectural research. Phase 1], by M. Brykowska et al., Cracow 2009.