First settlements 


The history of settlement on the hill where the palace complex is now situated dates back to Roman times. During archaeological excavations, monuments of Wielbark culture – a bronze fibula and fragments of pottery from the 3rd-5th centuries AD were found.


Because of its attractiveness, the area was populated by Slavs from the 11th century onwards, which is reflected in the preserved pieces of pottery. The settlement was continued later in the Middle Ages and modern times.



A late mediaeval tower, discovered by Ł. Rejniewicz in 2010. Phot. by W. Goleman.


The first buildings must have been wooden. In their place a limestone defensive structure was erected in the 15th-16th centuries.


Based on:  Ł. Rejniewicz, Informacja wstępna z badań archeologicznych przeprowadzonych przy pałacu w Gardzienicach w terminie kwiecień-czerwiec 2010

                 [Information on archaeological excavations in the area of Gardzienice palace in April-June 2010], Lublin 2010.