The Palace


The Palace before renovation. Phot. by J. Holcgreber


Construction works began in March 2011, in accordance with the technical project designed by Leszek Jasiński.


The objective is a full-scale renovation of the building. As a result, modern, 20th century internal partitions will be eliminated and the historical enfilade layout of the halls will be restored. A big entrance hall in the ground floor, which existed in the 18th century will be restored and the main entrance will be moved back to the axis of the northern wing, as seen in historical pictures of the mid-19th century. The cellar will be used as an exposition hall. On the outside, from the West, the relics of the old castle, discovered during archaeological excavations in 2009-2010, will be exposed.


Up to now, the ground works have for the most part been completed and the construction of the building has been strengthened. The construction company has also replaced the old ceilings and the roof (on most of the building). At present, the foundations are strengthened and new insulation is laid. The completion of the works is planned for November 2012.


W.Staniewski na dachu pałacu - sierpień 2011

Gardzienice’s Director, Włodzmierz Staniewski surveys the building of the new roof (August 2011)