The Granary


The Granary before the reconstruction (2010). Phot. by J. Holcgreber


The reconstruction of the Granary has been carried out since November 2010 by the consortium of companies: Art-Kon Sławomir Wszoła and AC Konserwacja and is based on the project designed by Prof. J. Uścinowicz.


The general concept of the project consist in adaptation or reconstruction of existing  stone walls of the Granary, with external and internal demolitions. The foundations should be strengthened and deepened in order two create a new storey – the cellar. Existing wooden construction of the roof is to be replaced by a concrete structure of the building with a steal roof construction, permitting the use of the garret for workshops, rooms and a library.

In the Western part of the building there is a new theatre hall, a space of 185 m2 and three-storeys high.


Laying of foundations and building rooms in the cellar – March 2011. Phot. by W. Goleman


During construction works, it turned out necessary to demolish the stone walls, because their bad condition (December 2010 – February 2011). Then, in Spring and Summer of 2011 new foundations, walls, ceilings and a roof were erected. By the end of 2011 most construction works were completed. At present installation and finishing works are conducted. The building should be ready in Summer 2012.


Zespół Gardzienic w Spichlerzu - sierpień 2011

“Gardzienice” team in the new theatre hall in the Granary – Autumn 2011. Phot. by J. Holcgreber


The Granary in March 2012 – a view from the park. Phot. by W. Goleman